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Project Description

Brenden Gallagher, DO

Hometown: Chino Hills, CA
Undergrad Institution: Brigham Young University, Provo UT
Med School Institution: Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona CA (D.O.)
Hidden Talents: Statistics: Winning Fantasy Baseball Leagues; Cat whisperer and saver of all creatures (even the bugs)
Little known fact about me: Spent 2 years in Florida serving a mission for the LDS church (I was one of those guys in a white shirt and tie with a black name tag)
Hobbies: Everything baseball; basketball, football, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, card/board games
Favorite place(s) traveled: New York City, Tampa Florida
Future aspirations: Coach my kid’s baseball team; Gastroenterology; retire and be a game broadcaster for a baseball team