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Project Description

Colleen Fearon, MD


Hometown: Spanish Town, Jamaica
Undergrad Institution: Georgia State University
Med School Institution: Morehouse School of Medicine
Hidden Talents: My friends tell me I am good at organizing and planning things
Little known fact about me: I learned to swim when I was in P.E. during the 7th grade even though I grew up around water
Hobbies: traveling, swimming, outdoor activities, and church functions
Favorite place(s) traveled: Japan, Cuba, Jamaica :), Argentina, Mexico, but above all anywhere with water
Future aspirations: I always wanted to be a Cardiologist. However, during my last months of medical school I rotated in MICU and Pulmonary Consult and it has now peeked my interest. Hopefully by the end of residency I can hone in on a specialty I truly love while inspiring and helping others.