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Project Description

Golda Harvatin, DO


Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Undergrad Institution: University of Missouri- Columbia (aka Mizzou)
Med School Institution: Western University of Health Sciences
Hidden Talents: I can bake an awesome gooey butter cake- it tastes just like it sounds! I almost always become best friends with any dog I meet.
Little known fact about me: I once broke a finger playing Monopoly.
Hobbies: Traveling, trying new foods, hiking
Favorite place(s) traveled: New Zealand, Australia, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Nicaragua
Future aspirations: My future aspirations for my career are a work in progress, however I am interested in either critical care or becoming a hospitalist. My future aspirations for my personal life include a lot of travel. My travel wish list includes traveling across Europe with a special stop in Croatia, Southeast Asia, and Peru.