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Project Description

Michaela Gruzensky, MD


Hometown: West Coast USA in general. I lived in every west coast state except HI.
Undergrad Institution(s): Canadian University College – B.A., Andrews University – B.S.
Med School Institution: Loma Linda University – M.D.
Hidden Talents: I can tie a figure-8 knot in a strand of human hair, I received training as a Mime – but we won‚Äôt talk about that. ūüėČ
Little known fact about me: I used to train sled dogs. In the late 90’s I was the youngest person to travel on government orders, and I have traveled to all 50 states.
Hobbies: Gourmet vegan vegetarian cooking, small scale home renovation projects, outdoor activities.
Favorite place(s) traveled: Nepal, Mongolia.
Future aspirations:  Serve as a patient centered medical practitioner that enhances wellness by acknowledging how medical disease impacts the lives of each patient and their family members, then alleviating suffering through education, emotional support and evidence based medical practice.