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Project Description

Yvonne Lee, MD


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad Institution: University of California, San Diego
Med School Institution: Meharry Medical College
Hidden Talents: Baby Whisperer. I am pretty good at taking care of babies and kids.
Little known fact about me: My bunny’s name is Harry Potter. She happens to have 7 million views on Youtube 🙂
Hobbies: Go-Karting, Arts & Craft, Sewing, Watching Drama/Anime/Movie/TV, Baking
Favorite place(s) traveled: Taiwan. I love experiencing new cultures and traditions!
Future aspirations: “Worship of God through service to mankind”
I aspire to find the balance in combating some of the rampant, preventable illnesses that plague many underserved communities along with addressing the complex social issues that comes with it.
Let’s all continue to help heal the lives of everyone we touch #OneTeamOneDream