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Project Description

Zachary Carter, MD


Hometown: Salt Lake City Utah
Undergrad Institution: University of Utah
Med School Institution: The George Washington University
Hidden Talents: I love music and can play the guitar, banjo and ukulele.
Little known fact about me: I spent one year living on the Navajo Reservation hauling water, shearing sheep, chopping wood and building houses. I learned a little bit of the Navajo language and a lot about the culture of this wonderful group of people.
Hobbies: I have many hobbies which include traveling with my wife, anything sports related including playing soccer, golf, snow/water skiing, and watching college football and basketball. Finally, I enjoy reading particularly business leadership books and literary classics and am constantly reading books for pleasure in addition to my academic studies.
Favorite place(s) traveled: Ghana, Ethiopia, Italy, Iceland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Hawaii, St. Thomas, Mexico, Utah
Future aspirations: I hope to become a wonderful father and a wonderful physiatrist in the field of prosthetics and orthotics, sports medicine, pain medicine or cancer rehabilitation.